Shenorock Shore Club History

The Shenorock Shore Club was built about 1924 and was known as the Milton Point Casino. It did a thriving business, featuring such stars as Rudy Vallee. During World War II, hard times forced the casino to close. In the summer of 1946, the buildings and grounds were bought at auction by Ralph P. Manny of Rye, who was the Commodore of the American Yacht Club. Mr. Manny invited his friends to join him at Shenorock to form a casual beach club. Many were from inland towns such as Scarsdale and Bronxville.

When Mr. Manny first established what was to become today’s Shenorock Shore Club, there were essentially only three rules:

1. No glass allowed on the beach
2. No tipping
3. Bills were to be paid on time

Since then, as the membership grew, it became necessary to establish more formal rules.

Somewhat later Shenorock purchased the Sea Horse Yacht Club across the street. It is now our Winter Clubhouse. The Sea Horse Yacht Club, which began as a private home, was established in 1929. It burned that year and was rebuilt in 1930. Today, the Winter Clubhouse is home to a cozy dining room and the Trafalgar Bar, along with docks and moorings for members’ boats.

The picnic, swimming pool, and platform tennis areas were purchased from the Wainwright family. The picnic area gets its name from the beautiful old home of Mrs. Stuyvesant Wainwright, which was known as the “Bouwerie” and stood on the site of today’s pool.

The “Bouwerie” was built by a member of the Wainwright family (who once owned most of Milton Point) patterned after a house in New York City’s Bouwerie District. It became part of Shenorock Shore Club and was used as overnight accommodations for Club members.

In 1956 it was declared a fire hazard and put up for sale. Failing to sell, it was torn down. The entire point became a picnic area. That year Day Camp was $125.

In 1965 the Bouwerie was made a “haven for grandfathers.” In 1969 two paddle courts were constructed. In 1972 the pool was built enhancing , rather than ruining, the area (as some thought it would).

A devastating and suspicious fire caused great damage to the Main Clubhouse in the late 1970’s.

In December of 1992 Shenorock was nearly totally destroyed by a huge storm. Thanks to the tremendous support of its’ membership and staff the club was rebuilt. Click here to view the devastation and the hard work it took to get the club back on its’ feet.

In the summer of 1999 the Bouwerie once again became the focal point of Shenorock with the construction of the state of the art “Bouwerie Clubhouse.” This elegant structure is home to: modern locker rooms, a covered pavilion that houses the “Bouwerie Bar & Grill,” and a beautiful warming lounge for paddle tennis.

Shenorock is forever thankful for all of the hard work and dedication that its’ Past Presidents have put forth.

A special thanks to Mrs. William J. (Dorothy) Johnson for her donation of these historic photographs.