About Shenorock

See our Directions Page for information on how to get here.

Dress Code
At all times, elegant casual attire is expected. Tennis attire and dress jeans are acceptable for luncheon any day except for major Club events. Blue jeans are not permitted for dinner except if you are dining in the bar only.

All athletic attire, sneakers or athletic shoes (except tennis or paddle attire at lunch times), collarless shirts, sweatshirts and hats/caps are not allowed in any dining area. 

Members or guests must not arrive at the Club in bathing attire.

Use of Cell Phones
The use of a cell phone is not permitted in any of the dining facilities.  Cell phone use is restricted to the Club parking lots.  Cell phones should be set in silent mode before entering Club buildings.

Do not exceed 5 mph at any time on the Club property.  Although parents should keep children away from driveways and parking lots, youngsters are sometimes there. Take Care.

Observe the one-way signs when arriving or leaving the Club.

Only cabana holders may park behind their cabanas.

No Parking is permitted on roads, or on the grass area near the pool.

If you have any further questions regarding guest information,
please call the Club's office at 914-967-3700.