Shenorock Shore Club History

The Shenorock Shore Club was built about 1924 and was known as Milton Point Casino. It did a thriving business, featuring such stars as Rudy Vallee. During World War II, hard times forced the Casino to close. It was left vacant and fell into disrepair, no longer able to sustain itself. In January of 1945, the buildings and grounds were bought at auction by Ralph P. Manny, a Rye resident, who was then Commodore of the American Yacht Club. The Club, included the Summer Clubhouse & deck, bathhouses, 63 cabanas, and 4 tennis courts. He named his Club “Shenorock” after the Siwanoy Indian chieftain from the 17th century. Membership was chosen directly by Mr. Manny and it was ‘invitation only’.

Shenorock Shore Club opened its doors in 1946 after almost a year and a half of intensive restoration. Subsequently, Shenorock purchased the Sea Horse Yacht Club, which is now the Harborside Clubhouse.

The picnic, swimming pool and platform tennis areas were purchased from the Wainwright family. The picnic area gets its name from the beautiful old home of Mrs. Stuyvesant Wainwright, which was known as the Bouwerie and stood on the site of today’s pool.

When Mr. Manny first established what was to become today’s Shenorock Shore Club, there were essentially only three rules:

  1. No glass allowed on the beach
  2. No tipping
  3. Bills were to be paid on time

Since then, as the membership grew, it became necessary to establish additional, more formal rules.

Mr. Manny announced his desire to retire and the Club was officially purchased by the members of Shenorock Shore Club in 1966 and included a system of governance – the Board of Governors, that continues today.