Shenorock Shore Club

Guest Information

All persons arriving at the Club, whether by auto, bicycle, motorcycle or on foot, are required to check in at the gatehouse during the summer season. All guests must be registered, including children.

Dress Code


Unless otherwise advised, elegant casual attire is expected at all times. Dress jeans and tennis or platform tennis attire are permitted for lunch only.


Elegant casual attire is expected. Tennis attire and dress jeans are acceptable for lunch any day except for major Club events. All athletic attire, sneakers or athletic shoes (except tennis or platform tennis attire as permitted above), collarless shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and hats/caps are not allowed. Jeans are not permitted for dinner.

Bar Dining

No bathing attire of any kind is allowed in the bar. Neat and clean “street clothes”, dress jeans, tennis attire, and suitable footwear are permitted. Men may wear collarless shirts of any color as long as they have sleeves and have no large inscriptions on them. No hats/caps may be worn by men. This dress code is for lunch and dinner. Adult beverages are available from the take-out window for those in bathing suits.

Use of Cell Phones

You may only use personal communication devices in the silent mode on Club property. However, talking on a cell phone or any type of personal communication device is permitted in the parking lot areas.

Motor Vehicles

  • Do not exceed 5 mph at any time on the Club property.
  • Only cabana holders may park behind cabanas.

If you have any further questions regarding guest information, please call the Club's office at 914-967-3700.